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Reduce the spread of germs, viruses and other hazardous airborne particles with the PAC600 Air Purifier!

Key Features:

Our range of models can suit either stand-alone operation or existing air conditioning unit integration.

  • Australian made high efficiency portable air filtration system
  • Suitable for commercial / industrial use (1)
  • Easily integrate into your existing air conditioning system or operates stand-alone
  • Unique three stage filtration system to H13 HEPA 99.97% efficiency medical grade (H14 rating on request)
  • Pass up 0.05% of 0.1 µm particles per litre of air
  • Market leading variable air flow rate of 0-2160 m3/hr (2)(5)
  • High efficiency backward curve centrifugal fan
  • Ideal for implementation alongside existing risk mitigation measures
  • Easily wheeled into position
  • Fits through a standard 720mm door opening
  • Simple operation with on/off switch and fan speed controller
  • Standard up-flow discharge suitable for use under air conditioning unit return air grille
  • Optional activated carbon filter for odour control

Easy setup

  1. Wheel into position
  2. Plug into 240v power outlet
  3. Turn on & select required fan speed

Three Stage Filtration System

  • Filter Element 1: M9/F9
  • Filter Element 2: H13 HEPA
  • Filter Element 3: C Activated Carbon (optional) (4)
  1. Not suitable for residential use 2. Maximum air flow rate will reduce if filters are not appropriately serviced 3. Specifications are subject to change without notice due to ongoing product research and development. 4. Not included in standard unit and must be purchased separately. 5 Stated air flow rate is based on dirty filters, the air flow will be considerably higher when filters are clean. Disclaimer: Air Comfort Services does not warrant the Product as a health safety device. The product is not a Medical Device or Therapeutic Device as defined by the Therapeutic Goods Act 1989.
  • Included
    • 12 months parts only warranty
    • 12 months parts and labour warranty (optional)
  • Excluded
    • Filter replacement
    • Damage due to wear and tear or unintended use
    • Fault diagnosis (unless labour under warranty purchased)
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Careful consideration must be taken to ensure that the correct unit is selected for the given application.

Generally accepted practice in the use of supplementary air purification systems such as the PAC600 is to create additional air movement within the area being treated.

Air Change Rate (p/hr)





GP Waiting Room, Nursing Home


Medical, Industrial

Professional advise must be sought to enable correct specification of required air changes per hour (ACH) and level of filtration.

Unit Size Calculation

Example Calculation:

Application: Office

Air Change Rate: 6ACH

Floor Area: 81m²

Ceiling Height: 2.7m

Required Capacity = Room Volume x ACH

= 81 x 2.7

= 218.7 mᶟ

= 218.7 x 6

= 1312.2 mᶟ/hr


In this example our calculated air flow rate for the office application is 1312.2 mᶟ/hr hour. Given that the PAC600 has a nominal air flow rate of 2160 mᶟ/hr, one unit would easily meet the required capacity and could be run at a lower fan speed. In the instance that we exceed the nominal air flow rate, multiple PAC600 units would need to be used.

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  1. Due to the custom nature of the equipment we have implemented a no return / refund policy
  2. Condition of Quotation and Sale

How does it work?

Air from the environment near the operating air purifier is drawn into the unit via an integral fan operating at high filter pressure and through three stages of filter elements then discharged from the module having removing dust and specific biological particles from the circulated air, to the performance criteria of the particular filters elements. All particulate matter however is not removed from the immediately adjacent unit space as some stagnant air is not drawn into the unit. Over time air from much (but not all) of the adjacent spaced is induced into the purifier unit and passed through the filters.

Each filter element is enclosed in an integral strong moisture resistant food quality frame to industry standards.

Can it help eliminate COVID-19?

As we utilise HEPA filters in our Air Purifiers, the short answer is Yes. Yes, it can help eliminate the COVID-19 virus and other bacteria, but will not eliminate all biological particles.

HEPA filters consist of a mix of filaments and fibres, that carry a static charge, which lures various particles like a magnet. HEPA filters can capture microbes and dust down to 0.3 Micron. When the particles travel through the air filtration system, they are captured and retained within the filter. Additionally, Brownian Motion (a scientific effect) causes particles in certain media states (such as fluids) to bounce around and become trapped.

How do viruses spread through the air?

Viruses are sub-micron in size, approximately 0.5 micron and below. Viruses only require a very small amount to enter your body in order to start an infection. This can occur as viruses, such as COVID-19 and general flu are spread through the air via biological aerosols. These moisture droplets are expelled whenever you sneeze or cough. They carry bacteria and viruses through the air and eventually enter your respiratory system.


How does our HEPA Air Purifier help lower the spread of COVID-19 and other Viruses?

There have been many research studies conducted to test the efficacy of HEPA filtration on moisture droplets containing viruses, due to the potential of pathogens being utilised as biological weapons. Most biological aerosols range in sizes from 0.5-3 micron. This means that HEPA air filters such as our PAC-600 will effectively capture the microbes contained within the aerosol particles.

It is impossible for any HEPA filter to be 100% effective, since many microbes are less than 0.03 microns in size – but that is in an isolated form where they typically cannot survive long. A NASA HEPA Study indicated that HEPA filters were able to capture sub-micron particulate down to 0.1 micron! Additionally, all testing is performed using brand new filters. HEPA filters have been shown to actually work better the ‘dirtier’ they become (until the point where airflow is restricted)

The PAC-600 is designed to only permit a 0.05% maximum leakage per litre of air and has a market leading variable air flow rate of 0-2160 m3 per hour. This makes our unit an excellent option for capturing airborne contagions, such as the Corona Virus.

No air purifier will capture the virus with 100% certainty – but our PAC-600 can greatly help to reduce the spread AND capture the COVID virus in your workplace. Combine this with the recommended guidelines like washing your hands and social distancing, can help the odds of spreading any virus decrease exponentially.