air conditioner maintenance

We are genuinely committed to providing a proactive service to our valuable clients; with the focus on reducing unnecessary breakdowns and minimising plant down-time, primarily through the implementation of an excellent preventative maintenance program.

To ensure that air conditioning plant is operating effectively and efficiently, a program of maintenance work can be developed and implemented by Air Comfort Services. Included in this program a number of inspections per year are scheduled.

Prior to commencing a new maintenance program an inspection of the site is arranged. This visit is undertaken to ensure staff are familiar with the site, the plant and any special requirements. In addition, wherever possible, the tradesperson who maintains the site will be scheduled to undertake breakdown work at the site, thus reducing downtime.

Folders relating to each individual maintenance site are compiled upon commencement of a maintenance program. These folders contain the following information: equipment to be maintained; service schedules; works schedules; plant layout with equipment location; site log book and site special requirements. These folders act as a ready source of information on the equipment and service details and are developed and maintained at no expense to clients as part of our service.

Wherever possible, the tradesperson who is allocated to routinely maintain the site will also be scheduled to undertake breakdown and repair work and in most instances personally prepare any necessary quotations.  On larger premises, we ensure that a secondary technician is also rotated through to ensure that there are at least two technicians with site specific knowledge.  Our extremely low staff turnover rate in our Adelaide Service Division (less than 5%) has ensured an outstanding level of consistency for our clients.

Upon completion of maintenance, a service report will be completed. This will serve as a record of all work carried out. Recommendations for work considered necessary to maintain plant in a reliable condition will be detailed on the report